Setting Up A Local WordPress Environment with Vagrant

Vagrant bills itself as “Development environments made easy.” But tell the average user they need to set everything up using Terminal and they immediately start picturing this: Terminal doesn’t have to be this intimidating though. We’ll go through the steps and tools needed to get you up and running on a Vagrant powered WordPress development…Read More…

Getting Started With Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields changed my life. At least in terms of using WordPress as a full blown CMS instead of just a blogging platform. Sure we were able to add custom fields before, but, to a user, they were ugly and unintuitive. ACF on the other hand gives us flexibility and control to add fields images, text, WYSIWIGs, and more directly into the post page. Which keeps the client happy and cuts down on the number of times we have to explain how to change their header text. Always a plus.