Recently I was working on a project doing a site revamp for a client that wanted to pep up the design of their site, but still use the featured images they had already added to their 1,000+ blog posts at a time before retina screens and responsive images were a factor in web development.

That’s good and all, but now the site was redesigned with blog cards that crop images to specific proportions for retina and non-retina screens. The problem is a good portion of the original featured images came in below the needed dimensions for the thumbnail size crops and at all kinds of different aspect ratios. What we needed was a way to see if the current image has the proper thumbnail size created for it at retina. If it doesn’t then we want to use the non-retina crop. If the image is below that we want to either crop smaller or use a default placeholder that will at least not break our design while new content is created. (more…)

Up and Running is a guide to getting started, and getting good at WordPress development. Up and Running is written by David Hayes and Fred Meyer. According to the Up and Running site, David boasts being a WordPress user for over a decade and a developer for a good chunk of that time. Fred is also a developer and writer that apparently plays a mean jazz piano. And they run WPShout, an excellent WordPress blog. (more…)

So you want to start a podcast. You and your friends would always get kind of buzzed and talk about starting one, but never get around to it. But then one fatal Thanksgiving night, after you were loaded up on turkey, football, and several hours of drinking, you stumble across a Yeti microphone on Amazon’s early Black Friday deals and can’t help yourself. Two days later1 there is a knock at your door, and now you either need to start a podcast, or you just bought a really nice paperweight. (more…)

I recently switched my dev environment from using MAMP to Vagrant. One of the fallbacks of this switch, however, was my grunt live reload quit working. Whatever, I was never that impressed with my old setup. It was buggy and called for extra scripts being added into the site. I also checked out the Live Reload Chrome extension, but that did a complete page refresh for a minor CSS change.

Nobody has time for that. I want my CSS injected into the browser.

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