Cheat Code #4: Easy search and replace in WordPress

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One of the most useful WP-CLI commands I’ve come across is wp search-replace.

It makes it easy to search the database for anything and replace it. I find it great for launching a site from a temporary domain to the final domain.

wp search-replace '//' '//' --dry-run

Note the --dry-run at the end there. That will run the command without making changes. Always a good idea when working with the database. When you’re ready to actually make the replacement run it again without the --dry-run.

This Weeks Tab I Won’t Close

The white space in our life is where the magic happens.”

That’s a quote from a great post on creating white space in your life from No Sidebar. I find even in my downtime I fill it with things like watching TV or listening to Audible so I’m actively working to create at least 30 minutes a day with no distractions.

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