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Blogs & People


I highly recommend Audible for listening to books on the go. Bump up the speed to 1.5x and fly through them. Check out my tips for reading more too.

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  • Web Design

  • General Knowledge

    • The 10% Entrepreneur – Great advice for using 10% of your time to develop side projects and useful habits.
    • Tools of the Titans – Tim Ferris has a great podcast for getting into the minds of high achievers. He compiled much of the knowledge gained from those people into this massive tome. Read the full thing or pick and choose those interviews that pique your interest.
    • Content Machine – This book provides actionable tips for creating a great content marketing strategy. Plus it come with access to tons of resources for everything from creating content ideas to style guides and more.


Coding Standards


  • WordPress

    • Team Treehouse – Team Treehouse has tons of courses on all kinds of web technologies. They follow the format of video and in-browser coding. Great interface.
  • Development

    • CodeSchool – Great courses on HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, and more.
  • Git

Facebook Groups





  • SpinupWP – For the devs that want to control their server, but don’t want to deal with maintaining the server. This is what I’m currently hosted on. Great and cost-effective for spinning up multiple WordPress sites using Digital Ocean droplets.
  • WP Engine – Great support. Great WordPress hosting. As good as having your own highly skilled WordPress developer running your site.
  • WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – Great breakdown of the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.
  • Shared Webhosting Comparison – A very detailed breakdown on everything from performance to honoring refund policies on some of the top shared hosting services. Put together by Mark Berka at berkaweb.com



  • WordPress

    • Apply Filters -Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson talk all about WordPress development.
    • DradCast – Get ready for the Dradcast! Your favorite nerds, Brad Williams and Dre Armeda, bringing you high octane conversations with new guests every week. Covering the latest news, insight on recent events, and interviews with tech titans.
    • Mastermind.fm – Join James Laws from WP Ninjas and Jean Galea from WP Mayor as they discuss the trials and tribulations on building a WordPress business.
    • Matt Report – WordPress podcast for business owners and marketing specialists with Matt Medeiros
    • Post Status Draft – News & Information for WordPress Professionals. This podcast includes Post Status analysis, interviews, conversations, and editorial for the WordPress and web community.
    • The WordPress Chick Podcast – Kim Doyal, “The WordPress Chick” shares her journey in the world of blogging, life and entrepreneurship on the internet.
    • WordPress Weekly – This is WordPress Weekly hosted by Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch. Your weekly source of news and discussions related to WordPress as well as any projects under the Automattic umbrella.
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Slack Channels

  • Make WordPress – Want to contribute to core? Join this. Not for support.
  • St. Louis WordPress – Free to join. Small but growing.
  • Post Status – Very active. Lots of top WordPress pros. Requires a yearly membership.



  • Themes.Pizza – The home of the free and premium themes I build on the side.
  • Array Themes – Love their thought process on themes. Don’t make the theme do everything under the sun, but instead work really well for it’s purpose.



  • WP Sessions – Tons of great content on all kinds different WordPress related topics.
  • Site Beginner – A simple beginner’s guide to getting started with a WordPress site from picking a domain to launching.

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