Easy Footnotes WP

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Easy Footnotes is a WordPress plugin for easily adding footnotes to your WordPress posts. Fitting name, eh?

Easy Footnotes is simple to use. Activate the plugin and then start adding footnotes to your WordPress posts using the shortcode 1

Easy Footnotes will automatically count up your footnotes (feetnotes) and inserts a number where the footnote shortcode is placed2 as well as appending an ordered list of all your notes to the bottom of your post. Then users have two easy ways to view your notes. They can simply hover over the label3 and your footnote will be displayed in an easy to read tooltip using the jQuery qTip2 plugin. When clicking on the label the user will be scrolled down the page to the corresponding tooltip at the bottom of the post4. They can then easily navigate back to where they were by clicking the return to top icon at the end of each tooltip.

  1. Footnote content.
  2. Like so.
  3. You hovered, didn’t you.
  4. See I told you it works

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