Reading Time WP: My First Plugin

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I recently published my first plugin to A simple little plugin called Reading TIme WP. I’ll be documenting my development process for the plugin in the coming weeks. I’ll even go in to detail on working with and publishing my first updates in response to user feedback. The first part is already up.

So what is Reading Time WP? It’s a simple plugin for adding an estimated reading time to WordPress posts. It’s lightweight with options that make it very easy for you to customize the labels and the words per minute count that work best for your site.

The default settings are based off an average adult reader’s words per minute of 300, but I didn’t want to decide for user’s what works best for them and their readers so it’s simple to change your WPM within Reading Time WP. It also makes it easy for users to place their estimated reading time anywhere within their WordPress posts. You can have it automatically inserted at the beginning of posts, or if you have experience working with WordPress themes you can insert the reading time anywhere in your post with a shortcode.

Download Reading Time WP at and feel free to leave me feedback on the plugin.

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