WordPress 4.2 Is Out Check Out All The Cool New Stuff

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With the release of WordPress 4.2 comes some cool new user facing features. They’ve update Press This1, added emoji support, allowed for updating plugins without leaving the plugin page2, and more.

I used the new Press This features to start this article by simply clicking the Press This bookmarklet in my bookmarks bar while checking out WP Beginner. Saved it as a draft and went to my site to add my site specific featured image and throw in a read more link3, and a fill out some ACF fields specific to my site. Seems like it will be a great way to quickly share content to your blog. And attribute it properly with the image and quote below. Pretty awesome.

WordPress 4.2 is available now as the first major release of 2015. Check out what’s new in WordPress 4.2 with features and screenshots.

Source: What’s New in WordPress 4.2


  1. Which was used to generate this post
  2. Finally.
  3. Surprised I didn’t see that feature in the Press This editor. Cool none the less.

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