Truth In Advertising

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Now that I’ve graduated and don’t have to read books like Marketing Management Essentials 7th Edition: Now With Special Introductory By The Author’s Brother-In-Law So You Can’t Buy a Used Copy, I’ve found a lot more time to actually read things I’m interested in, both professionally and recreationally. It’s amazing how much easier a technical book goes down when you’re interested in the subject.

My latest book was Truth In Advertising by John Kenney. As a budding advertising professional, my interest was piqued by the promise of a look inside the advertising industry from an author who had worked in an NYC agency for 17 years. Plus I wanted to see if it matched up to my idea of how an agency ran.

Kenney did a good job of capturing the agency experience, where deadlines change in an instant and feedback comes in without the application of logic. Of course my agency experience is a combination of Mad Men, second-hand tales, Missouri State’s Ad Team, and about 6 months at an interactive agency.

I enjoyed the book. It was at times funny and heartfelt. It was an interesting read to see the way an advertising insider views the industry, and the people within it. Plus, maybe I saw a little bit of myself in the main character’s desire to launch a career from advertising. Seriously, if anyone has a connection to Les Moonves I’ve got some pitches. Look for Business Sassual this fall on CBS. They’ll buy anything.

Random Quote:

“A lively debut that has ‘movie deal’ written all over it.” (People Magazine )

Verdict: Check it out.

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