The Hoppah Is The Best Commercial Series On Right Now

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Initially I can’t say I was a huge fan of Dish’s Hopper commercial set, but they really won me over by airing the one with the mini nachos over and over during the Mad Men premiere. Just something about the old man yelling “Hawt, hawt, hawt!” in a Boston accent gets me.

It’s a pretty great ad for a service that is aiming to make ads irrelevant after the first run of a show. You’ve got to expect commercial skipping will become more prevalent in more DVR devices in the future. Of course great ads can have a second life online. Hopper’s recliner spot has 2 million views on YouTube, likely coming from a captive audience focused on the ad.

A great series of ads may be the best way to combat this trend. During the most recent episode of Mad Men as As my brother was fast forwarding through the commercials we spotted a new Hopper commercial. We actually stopped and rewound to watch it. In the future it’s going to take more than one great spot to get your message out.

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