Building Responsive and Accessible Navigation in your WordPress Theme

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Building a WordPress navigation is one of the more tedious areas of theme development for me. There are a lot of different things to cover: multiple sub menu levels, keeping it responsive, focus states opening sub menus, and of course handling hovers on touch devices.

That’s why as I was building my latest theme, Aurora. I created what I call a navigation extension to include in my builds going forward. To give myself a head start in developing my main WordPress navigation.

Oh it also has functionality built in for easily calling out items in your nav and a slick search dropdown.

And the best part is I’ve made it available for free. 😎

That’s right, you can get my Easy Navigation extension to speed up your own theme development.

And if you’re looking for a more in-depth look at how to develop a custom WordPress navigation check out my article over on Template Monster.

In it I cover everything you need to go from HTML markup into a WordPress navigation menu. You’ll learn how to register menu locations in your theme, how to display the menu, tips for styling, and even fallbacks in case the end user doesn’t include menu items.

And feel free to download Easy Navigation or grab it off Github!

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