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The other night I realized I had a perfectly good pull quote plugin just lying around waiting to be cleaned up and added to the repo. Add in a nifty little tweet button and we’ve got ourselves a nice little plugin going.

Utah! Get me two! – Gary Busey in Point BreakEasy Pull Quotes makes two in my “Easy” plugin series. Plugins with a focus on making things as easy as possible for the end user. All they have to do is click a button in the Post Editor, fill out a couple, fields, and BAM! a tweetable pull quote appears in their post.

Nothing too fancy. I’ve been trying to stick to the WordPress coding philosophy on options as I’ve been working on developing to the WordPress Coding standards in 2016. What is that philosophy you ask? Sounds like a good excuse to show off Easy Pull Quotes.

Every time you give a user an option, you are asking them to make a decision. When a user doesn’t care or understand the option, this ultimately leads to frustration. – WordPress Coding Standards

Easy Pull Quotes is built using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. If you’re interested in plugin development I strongly recommend it. It will help you take your plugin development to the next level. Even if you’re just getting started with plugin development it is loaded with comments to help you understand the best practices of WordPress development.

I’ve had the plugin up for about a week now1 and, with no promotion other than a tweet, EPQ has gotten 28 downloads. I’m not expecting a huge download total anytime soon since there are lots of pull quote options out there.

I’m still impressed with the reach a simple plugin can get on the repo. Easy Footnotes has managed over 4,000 downloads in about a year, and I made that just so I could easily make stupid jokes within my posts.

  1. 6 days to be exact.

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