Easy Navigation

A WordPress extension to help you get started building a custom navigation in your WordPress themes.

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This isn’t a plugin, this is a tool for speeding up the development of custom WordPress themes.

Easy Navigation gives you a nicely styled, responsive, accessible menu to start with on your WordPress theme builds.

It’s scalable to multiple sub levels without breaking. It swaps out to a slideout menu at 960px width of course you can customize this too 😀.

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And best of all it’s 100% free.

Quick Setup

  1. Download or clone the easy-navigation repository into your theme’s root folder.
  2. Add require get_template_directory() . '/easy-navigation/site-header-functions.php'; to your theme’s functions.php file.
  3. Place <?php get_template_part('easy-navigation/site-header'); ?> where you want your Easy Navigation header to show up.


  • Support for the_custom_logo().
  • Support for separate primary and mobile menu locations.
  • Support for multilevel menus to infinity. But I don’t recommend going that deep.
  • Call attention to certain links using .nv-callout class.
  • Make any link activate the dropdown search bar using the class .js-open-site-search.
  • Remove the hover underline from any link using the class .nv-no-underline.

Pro Tip

Grab a gradient from Grabient for the navigation background.

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